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about us

Ensino Research & Development is the place where students are mastering new skills and achieving their goals by learning from an extensive list of courses. Every course is designed to meet the specific industry requirement. Content includes hardware as well as software. Hours of topic-wise engaging tutorials covering all concepts with multiple problem solutions by some of India’s best experts. Practical training always finds the better place over classroom training but now we have implemented the classroom training and practical training together. Hardware description with live components creates the difference. Even students can ask for their doubts. Complex concepts explained visually and contextually to help students create a strong foundation.

Our Mission

Science and technology is a tool that can dislocate any myth and possess the ability to reveal the truth and facts that help us to think and discover beyond our imagination. The team of Ensino holds the power of clairvoyance that can dictate whether it could be or not?

As times, tides and technology never waits for none so with the vision of planning things and planning future by having an imagination and wisdom our organization holds an aim to spread the best practical oriented technical education and training among the new buds and formers who are engaged in learning engineering and technologies.